Washroom Hygiene Servicing and Supplies

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Lumena provides a full range of washroom services to keep washrooms clean, fragrant and well-stocked – from contract washroom cleaning, deep washroom cleaning, collection and disposal of sanitary waste to replenishment of soap dispensers and air fresheners, provision of water management systems and supply of hand dryers and vending machines. We also offer an exclusive janitorial supplies service to all our office-based clients. Thanks to our knowledge and experience in the sector, you can get the benefit of very competitive rates.

The sanitary waste legislation requires that all commercial premises in the UK should have appropriate facilities for the disposal of sanitary waste and that such waste be collected and disposed of by a registered waste carrier. This legislation imposes a Duty of Care on all employers and business owners. Lumena can manage your sanitary waste in eco friendly way.

If you hold your general cleaning contract with us we will automatically re-order, deliver and store all your janitorial products before you run out.

Please, contact us now via email us at office@lumena.co.uk or call 020 7386 5643

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