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In the retail environment the quality of presentation really counts and that's why the leading retailers and shopping centre operators choose Lumena. We understand that Retail is a business with very particular demands and our unique experience in the sector makes a difference. Lumena remains the favoured supplier of many independent retailers and multiples. With vast experience in all areas of retail, the company’s retail portfolio includes supermarkets, high street shops, retail parks and car show rooms. Our services are either 7 days per week or one off

We take care to understand the specific needs of every company and their brand to develop and deliver a service which adds sparkle to our client's reputation and retail environment.

We have a significant presence on the High Street - with contracts ranging from daily cleaning in bank branches to window cleaning and carpet cleaning services to a diverse assortment of stores.

Our teams are in the London’s Boroughs and city centres every day of the week, providing essential services and ensuring that your store remains clean and inviting to your own customers.

Lumena’s customers are treated as individuals, each with their own special needs. There is a tailor made service to meet these needs. The Lumena philosophy is to maintain an efficient, cost-effective and friendly relationship. The company aims to create the highest level of customer satisfaction to sustain a long-term relationship with the client

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