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Before attempting to control pests, it is very important to understand the biology and behaviour of the species you are dealing with. At Lumena Integrated Pest Management is a combined approach to solving pest problems, by collecting all available evidence and information, in order to produce the most effective control program for you or your business. Lumena will help you choose the right service plan for your individual requirements. These can remain amendable for every type of business and pest whatever your circumstances.

A free Site Survey can be arranged - Proofing – Housekeeping – Habitat Environment Management – Stock Rotation – Customer Training or last of all the use of a Pesticide.

Surveys establish

  • Evaluating what pest species you may face and where on your site is most at risk.
  • The correct precautions which may need to be put in place to prevent these risks occurring.
  • The frequency and type of service required or if there is a permanent solution.

We can then also provide you with

  • Reports on our findings, observations and recommendations. (these can sometimes include digital photos)
  • Method Statements and Risk Assessments.
  • Quotations and Costs for works.

Lumena has a Client database which allows to manage the history of all visits & treatments and speeds up the service.

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