Lumena Introduces Pure Water High Reach Window Cleaning

Lumena New Range of Services January 2010

With relaunching of our website on the request of our regular clients we added new services: Removals, Pest Control, Security, Gardening & Landscape Design which enable us to deliver a full package tailored to suit all their needs. We would like to thank you for constant support and encouragement in developing of our company.

Lumena Deep Kitchen Clean

Our new service is deep kitchen cleaning, this involves daily deep cleaning in the kitchen area of busy restaurants, helping to keep the restaurant clean and ready for service every day. We use a variety of professional cleaning products designed for use in a kitchen environment, which are food safe and kill 99.9% of bacteria. When using oven cleaner to remove burnt on and carbonised deposits we recommend heating the surface before hand, as cleaning services are up to twice as effective on a hot surface as on cold. Always remember your PPE (personal protective equipment) when using oven cleaners. We recommend the use of industrial quality gauntlets, these make it far safer when cleaning in kitchens, as well as use of goggles to protect the eyes and face masks to ensure there is no chance of inhaling, spray based oven cleaners. Our contract cleaning service includes provision of all PPE for our staff to use, as well as COSHH sheets for all daily cleaning chemicals. We have now developed our restaurant and kitchen cleaning services to provide a service that is second to none.

Lumena introduces Environmentally friendly Cleaning Products

Lumena office cleaning London offer a green office service, which provides office cleaning services that are friendly to the environment without being any less cost-effective. There are things that we can all do to reduce the impact of our work on the environment, and arranging for environmentally friendly office cleaning in your office is a great option.

All of the products that we use are sourced from environmentally responsible suppliers, and we have worked hard to ensure that the effective range of floor cleaners, surface cleaners, toilet cleaners, glass cleaners, washroom cleaners etc that we use contain ingredients that have been properly researched in the development of the cleaning products that contain them, and, where damaging ingredients are used, that research into alternatives is being done by the manufacturers of the cleaning product.

Of course, none of this means that the office cleaning service that we provide is compromised. The cleaning products that we use are highly effective at removing dirt and killing germs. They also smell good! We use products with fragrances that are pleasant and fresh, without being overpowering, and often receive compliments about the smell of our clients premises after our work has been completed

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