A hotel demands a housekeeping operation which is both efficient and productive, and causes the minimum disturbance to guests. Lumena has an excellent reputation for highly professional cleaners who are aware of Clients’ expectations. You can trust us to provide a cost-effective cleaning solution which would meet all our needs.

  • In International hotels with travellers from every time zone, and this means some guests are sleeping during the day we ensure guest rooms and corridors are cleaned with the minimum of disturbance to these 'day sleepers’.
  • When it comes to the non-slip, resinous floors in most hotel kitchens with very rough surface which can become ingrained with debris during the day, Lumena can give them a really deep clean at night to remove all debris in the surface and leave it clean, dry and safe. We deliver perfect results every time.
  • We are experienced in all aspects of hotel cleaning and can undertake specialist tasks including overnight cleaning, deep cleaning of catering areas and the special treatment of decorative finishes, such as marble, granite, natural stone, hard and wooden floors etc.

Please, contact us now via email us at info@lumena.co.uk or call 020 7386 5643

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