Events / After party Cleaning

Over the years we have carried out many events and after party cleanings in the events arenas, exhibition centres, stadiums and entertainment and sport buildings.

We can organize and deliver special teams of trained cleaners from our 450 employees with Supervisions that will swiftly and spotlessly remove all rubbish, clean washrooms, canteen and other premises according to Health & Safety, Risk Assessment regulations and Food Safety Act 1990 and 1995. They can do it within the designated breaks between events as we are aware that most event premises schedule a few events a day.

We have mastered Customer Service techniques that our cleaners not only clean impeccably but also maintain positive image of the company through proper manners and outfit. They can either adhere to your requirements regarding dress code or wear our uniforms and they always look groomed and polished.

Our cleaners can do excellent Washroom Attendance Service as during events with thousand of people there is a need for continuous service even 24 hrs a day.

After Party Cleaning

Lumena can provide a specialised team of cleaners or the one cleaner to come any time/day convenient for you. We understand how important is to have your place clean as quickly as possible that is why we will not charge you extra for coming during weekends.

Please, call us to find out about our After Party Task List.

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