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Lumena wins tenders for larger cleaning contracts due to our quality of services & experience. Larger projects enable us to offer a service that is at once more cost-effective and intensively managed.

We understand all stages of tendering process and appreciate that in inviting us to tender, you need concise answers to the questions you have asked within your chosen format, and without a lot of pointless sales material.

Following a survey of your location by a member of our friendly team, we are ready to provide you with:

  • A Pricing Schedule – including a breakdown of all costs
  • A planned Staffing Schedule and Staffing Structure
  • A Management Plan
  • A planned Cleaning Schedule
  • Information about the Cleaning Products
  • Information on our Environmental Policy
  • Our approach to Quality Assurance
  • Our approach to Health & Safety
  • A preliminary Risk Assessment for your premises

…along with any other information that you require.

Assess the feasibility of tendering your cleaning contract

Tendering can be a complicated and costly process. If you are interested in simply assessing the feasibility of putting your cleaning contract out to tender,. We can put together a less formal plan, though similar to that described above, without the need for any official Invitation to Tender documentation. Just give us a call on the number above; we will be happy to help.

For further assistance please, contact us now via email at info@lumena.co.uk or call 020 7386 5643

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